Abstract Paintings

Meet the Artist


Hope Morgan is a contemporary artist from Richmond, Virginia.  She graduated in 2016 from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis on drawing and painting.  Hope’s abstract paintings are heavily influenced by the idea of creating balance within chaos. The process is initially very intuitive as an experimentation with color and shape, but is resolved in an intentional manner by use of linear problem-solving. “I love the thought that I can deliberately create something while still learning from my own play on color and shape each time around. My hope is that my viewers process my work with their own sense of meditative allure”.  


"The decisions I execute when making art are about creating balance in the midst of chaos. The chaos is born out of intuitive marks I lay out as I begin each piece. I begin with painting, which allows me to let loose and create varying textures and color, which act as a catalyst for the ink. From this comes an inevitable series of problem solving: Where do I go from here? What do I do with these marks and textures? Where do they belong and how do I get them there? As each piece progresses, I encompass that chaos in a more intentional orchestration of balance and harmony.”