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Meet the Artist


Diana Bunting is a contemporary plein air painter. She is interested in freely interpreting changing weather conditions and light. The sweep and grandeur of the Shenandoah Valley and the rocky coast of Rhode Island are her most frequent subjects. An admirer of the Canadian painter Thom Thomson, Diana uses short periods of time to try to simplify and capture the moment in a painting.

“There is so much to choose from nature. I have always been drawn to the landscape as a way of connecting to and discovering nature. I usually start with something that attracts me and try to remain open to the enormous possibilities and changes that occur from moment to moment.”

The abstract relationship between shapes and colors and composition are fundamental to her painting.

“I do not hesitate to try several approaches to a particular subject, to wipe out and scrape off a canvas and start again. The unexpected is often the most successful.”

Diana Bunting lives in The Plains, Virginia. Born and raised in South America, she was educated at Hollins University, the Sorbonne, and L’École du Louvre. Her works hang in private collections in the United States, Peru, Argentina, Canada, and Uruguay.