Meet the Artist


Seth Benzel lives and works in Ocala, Florida. There he owns and curates his own gallery, 8th Ave. Gallery, which also serves as his studio.


Benzel is an abstract painter who works predominantly in acrylic, while also infusing other mediums and occasionally collage. A key element of Benzel’s work is the manipulation of line and space, and how they interrelate to each other. Linear aspects imply a sort of architecture...while freewheeling colors and brushstrokes represent the nature energy all around us. These elements could also be seen as a juxtaposition of the man-made artificial world vs. that of natural or spiritual world.


Traveling, both domestically and Internationally has become a huge source of inspiration towards his paintings. By creating art projects, Benzel has traveled to Dubai, Spain, and Los Ángeles, then in turn created body of works based on his travels.


Benzel describes his work as deconstructionist in nature...celebrating the spontaneity of mark making, within a space showing movement and a certain perspective. Creating work that is always changing and never stagnant, where a painting never represents and ending but always a new beginning.




2019 “Abstract Spain” Traveling Art Project


2019- “Solo Show” Pavilion Hotel, Dubai, UAE


2019- “Group Show” 8th Ave. Gallery, Ocala, FL


2019-“Group Show” CCF, Ocala, FL


2018- “Solo Show” Dee Dee Martin Gallery, New Orleans, LA


2018- “Los Juntos”, Group Show, Building 98, Marfa, TX


2018- “Artist Playground” City Walk, Dubai, UAE


2018- “Solo Show” Pavilion Hotel, Saratoga Springs, NY


2018- “Group Show” Dubai Inter. Art Centre, Dubai, UAE


2018- “Abstract Love”, Solo Show, Pullman Hotel, Dubai, UAE


2017-18- “L.A. Art Project”, Traveling Art Project


2017- “Solo Show” Pavilion Hotel, Saratoga Springs, NY


2017- “Dubai Art Project”, Traveling Art Project


2016- “New Paintings” AMP Galleries, Saratoga Springs, NY


2015- “Group Show” Wynwood Cafe, Miami, FL


2015- “Divergent Realities” Agora Gallery, New York, NY


2014- “Group Show” Hampton Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY


2005- “Solo Show” Arts 220 Gallery, Salem, NY