Abstract Paintings

Meet the Artist


Blair is an abstract artist who is constantly inspired from her travels abroad and within the United States. An admirer of the French painter and printmaker Pierre Bonnard, Blair uses a variety of hues to capture idealizations of nature.

"As I paint, abstract images of nature slowly evolve," Blair says.

"I begin a painting with an idea, but as I continue applying paint, the idea transforms into a complete image. My process of creating is a rewarding challenge that keeps me engaged and excited as an artist. Viewing the final piece of art fuels my fire for the next project. I love layering pigments to see the effect one has on the other. Each piece is a learning tool for the next and in itself an experiment with paint. In some works I use different mediums to create textured surfaces that I hope will inspire the viewer's imagination."

"I enjoy making colors that form unusual positive an negative shapes when applied to the piece. I use wooden squares and rectangles because I want the viewer to look inside the image with the mentality of 'thinking outside the box' to interpret these conceptual colorful images."

The abstract relationship between nature and colors are significant to her paintings.

Blair lives in Washington, D.C. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, she graduated from the Steward School. Blair received her undergraduate degree from Sweet Briar College and her master's degree from The Corcoran College of Art + Design. Her works hang in private collections throughout the U.S.. Blair works principally in acrylic, and her paintings are available by commission.